May 2, 2015

The YC Mud Run is a 2 and 4 mile obstacle course race that combines the most rugged terrain and burly obstacles to allow those with a sense of adventure to define themselves, then bask in glory at a rocking after party with food and DJ.

For the tiniest fraction of a second you realize running a race through  obstacles, walls, ropes, – and yes, YC Mud Run – is surely the most insanely off-the-wall lifetime event you ever signed up to do. And then you come to your senses… Oh Yeah!

There are a number of ways to celebrate life and enjoy your time while on this earth, but nothing might come quite as close to true celebration like the YC Mud Run. Our races redefine insanity! When you take part in a YC Mud Run, you’ll challenge yourself in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Unlike other races, we won’t run you around a golf course or parking lot and proclaim it rugged. We won’t make you wait in ridiculous lines mid-course and pretend you’ve been challenged. Instead, we offer a truly challenging and well-organized course that beats all others. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what people are saying about us on

It's time to get dirty at the Yuba City Mud Run, featuring 2 mile and 4 mile loops filled with:

* Military Style Obstacles
* Commanding Climbs
* Wild Water Crossings
* Mud, mud, and More Mud!

Portions of proceeds go to the

Kawasaki Kids Foundation
Kawasaki Disease (KD), also known as Kawasaki syndrome, is a serious illness characterized by inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body that primarily affects young children and infants. Kawasaki disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children. Although about 80 percent of patients are under five years of age, older children and teenagers can also get KD, but this is uncommon. KD is more common in boys than girls, and the majority of cases are diagnosed in the winter and early spring.

Girls on the Run
We provide a safe environment where girls can express themselves, build confidence, and learn from each other. We believe it is critical to reach girls at an early age in order to teach them these important life lessons and to prevent at-risk behavior such as eating disorders, substance abuse, depression, obesity, and adolescent pregnancies.


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